Math 10C Block 2 Semester 2 2017

There is a website called Math 10C Explained that has video lessons of most of the concepts we will cover during this semester.  Here is the link to the site:  Math 10C Explained

January 31:  Unit 1:  Powers and Roots.  Lesson 1:  Prime Factorization and GCF.  Complete questions 1 - 6 for tomorrow.    Greatest Common Factor , Prime Factorization , Prime Factorization.

February 1: Review of grade 9 Exponent Laws.  Complete the assigned questions for tomorrow.     Exponent Laws Explained,   Exponent Properties 1   Exponent Properties 2 

February 2:  Negative and Zero Exponents.     Properties of Negative Exponents.  Finish the  questions on the worksheet for tomorrow.

February 3:   Negative Exponents Day 2.   More practice with Negative exponents.  Complete worksheet for Monday.

February 6:   Rational Exponents Day 1.    Exponential and Radical form         Exponential and Radical form with negative exponent example            Rational Exponents Student copy

February 7:   Rational exponents day 2.  In Class Assignment # 1.  

February8:  Rational And Irrational Numbers lesson 3 and 4.   Students need to ensure the following questions are completed for tomorrow:  Pages 20-21 #s 1-5 and pages 27-28 #s 2-6.     Real Numbers .  

February  9:   Simplifying Radicals Lessons 5 and 6.  Complete the worksheet for tomorrow.   Simplifying Radicals        Mixed to Entire Radicals.   Reminder that the unit quiz is February 16 and the unit test is .February 22

February 13:  Simplifying Radicals Day 2.     Adding and Subtracting Radicals  Worksheet is due for tomorrow.    Simplifying, Multiplying and Dividing Radicals

February 14:  In class assignment # 2.   Adding and subtracting radical expressions.

February 15:  Review and Problem Solving with Powers and Roots.  Start working on the unit review for tomorrow.   Omit # 6, 7.  The review assignment must be completed for Wednesday, February 22.
February 16:  Quiz.  

February 21:  Review of quiz.  Practice Tests on pages 55- 59 MC questions 1, 2, 7, 10, 12 and 13 and NR question 2  and pages 107-110 MC questions 1, 3, 5, 7-11, 14 and NR questions 1 and 5

February 22:  Unit Test  

February 23:  New unit.  Trigonometry.  Progress Reports were handed out today.  Today we reviewed ratios and pythagorean theorem.     Pythagorean Theorem.     Problem Solving with Pythagorean Theorem     Review of Pythagorean Theorem    We also started the first lesson in this unit in the workbook.  Students are to complete question 2 in this lesson for tomorrow. 

February 24:   Trigonometry Lesson 1:  Determining the Primary Trig Ratios (pages 199-208) questions 9, 11.   Trigonometry Lesson 2:   Trig Ratios on a calculator (pages 209-218) complete questions 1 - 4.  

March 6:   Trig  Lesson 3   Using Trig Ratios to find the length of a side

March 7:   Trig Lesson 4:  Using Trig ratios to find a missing angle.  Using trig ratios to find angle measures .  Complete questions 1-8 on the pink sheet for tomorrow.   

March 8:  LESSON 5:   SOLVING TRIANGLES USING TRIG RATIOS    Complete the 12 questions on the purple sheet for tomorrow.   All work must be shown.  

March 9Lesson 6 :   Solving Problems using Trig Ratios.  We worked on problem solving on the white boards.   Review for assignment tomorrow.

March 10:   In class assignment on finding angles and sides.    

March 13: Review and Lesson 7.  Solving Problems with two triangles using Trig ratios.  Complete questions 1 a and c.   Review assignment is due for Thursday.

March 14:  Quiz .   

March 15: Review.  Complete the practice test on page 257 omit NR # 3, 4, and the WR.

March 16:    Unit Test.  

March 20:   New unit.  Polynomials and Factoring.  Lesson 1: Review of operations with polynomials from grade 9.    Complete questions 7, 14 and 15 on pages 269-272.    Lesson 2.  Review of multiplication of polynomials from grade 9.   Students need to complete # 4, 5 (a, c, e, g, i) and 7 (a, c, e, g), on pages 279-281.   Most students should only have 2 or 3 questions left to finish. 
   Progress Reports were handed out today.  

March 21:   Operations with polynomials.  Lesson 3  Multiplying Binomials.   Complete question 4 (a, c, e, g) on page 289 and question 7 (a - g) on page 290.         multipying binomials using the box method ,   .  adding and subtracting polynomials , multiplying polynomials and monomials

March 22:   Multiplying Binomials Day 2.   We worked on the mini white boards and students completed Lesson 4 questions 2 (a, c), 3(a, b), 4 (a, b).   Students were then assigned questions in Lesson 5  Multiplying Polynomials on pages 301-302:   1a, 2a, 4a, 5 and 6.       multipying binomials using the box method , multiplying binomials using FOIL Multiplying binomials using the distributive property

March 23:   In class assignment on Multiplying Polynomials.

March 27Polynomials Lesson 7.  Problem Solving with Polynomials.  Students worked on multi step problems on the white boards.   Unit assignment corrections are due for Monday.  

March 28:  Factoring Lesson 1.  Factoring GCF from polynomials.  Questions 1-3, 6 and 7 for homework.     Factoring polynomials - GCF    

March 29:  Lesson 2 - factoring by grouping.    Complete the worksheet for tomorrow.     Factoring polynomials - GCF       factoring by grouping.  Factoring GCF

March 30:    Lesson 3:  Factoring trinomials using either the box method or product/sum method.  Questions 1 -12 on the worksheet are due for Monday.   factoring trinomials using the box methodfactoring trinomials using the product and sum method .  

April 3:  Factoring trinomials Day 2.   Assignment is due for tomorrow.  

April 4:  
   Factoring Difference of squares.    Assignment questions 1 - 15 to be completed for tomorrow.   Factoring difference of squares example 1Factoring difference of squares example 2

April 5:    Factoring trinomials with no GCF. Students completed Page 359 # 3, 4 (every second question). Factoring by Decomposition  More factoring trinomials using the box method.  Complete questions 1 - 8 and any 5 on the back of the worksheet for tomorrow.   Decomposition assignment with answers

April 6:   Factoring trinomials without a GCF.    Completed in class.    Assignment

April 7:   Practice with all types of factoring.

April 18:  Review of all types of factoring.

April 19  In Class Factoring Assignment. 

April 20:   Unit review of multiplying and factoring polynomials.  Review assignment is due for tomorrow.  

April 21:  Unit Quiz

April 24:   Review.  There are two practice tests in the Workbook.  The first one is on W pages 313-316.  Omit page 313 Numerical Response #1 and Multiple Choice #4.  The second one is pages 383-387.   Omit MC 4, 6, 7 and NR 3, 4, 5   

April 25:  Unit Test

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