Math 20-1 Block 1 Semester 2 2017

The following is a link to the youtube channel of Terry Kaminski, a teacher in Cold Lake, who is currently teaching Math 20-1. He videotapes the lesson from the workbook each day and posts it for his students. You can use this webpage to refresh yourself when working at home or to get the notes for the lesson if you are absent. Terry Kaminski's youtube channel

Unit 1:  Operations on Radicals - video links

Simplifying radicals
Adding and Subtracting Radicals
Multiplying and Dividing Radicals
Rationalizing the denominator

January 31:  Adding, Subtracting and multiplying Radicals worksheet.  $10 for workbook.  Buy or rent a graphing calculator.  Finish questions 7-24 for tomorrow.     Day 1 worksheet answers

February 1:  Dividing Radicals.   Complete 4 questions for tomorrow.   

February 2: Dividing Day 2.  Practice with all Operations on radicals.   Complete the questions on Multiplying and Dividing for tomorrow.  

February 3:  Operations with and applications of radicals Unit assignment # 1.  

February 6:   Review of grade 10 factoring.  Complete questions 1-30 for tomorrow.     Factoring Review Answers    Factoring GCF     Factoring      Factoring using the box method.    Factoring Four terms.    Factoring a difference of squares

February 7:  Solving equations by factoring.    Complete # 1 every second question and #2 for tomorrow.   Solving by Factoring assignment

February 8:  Solving quadratic equations by graphing.   Complete the factoring assignment for tomorrow.

February 9:  Solving radical equations day 1.    Determining restrictions of radical equations  Solving radical equations 1  

February 13:   Solving radical equations day 2.  Worksheet questions  3, 5, 8, 9 and 10 due for tomorrow.   Unit quiz on February 22.     Determining restrictions of radical equations  Solving radical equations 1 

February 14:  In class assignment on solving Radical Equations.     

February 15:   Problem Solving with Radical Expressions and Equations.  Review.  Complete the review assignment for February 22.   Only do the first page.

February 16:  Unit Quiz

February 21:  Review          Review Assignment Answers

February 22:  Unit TEST

February 23: Introduction to quadratic functions in standard form.  Parabolas in Mario.   Complete question # 1 on the last page of the booklet for tomorrow.         homework answers

February 24:  Introduction to graphing using the graphing calculator.  Graphing using the Ti 84  Unit 5   Lesson 1.  Connecting zeros, x-intercepts and roots.  Lesson 1  questions 1, 2 and 3

March 6:  Finish lesson 1.   Quadratic functions in vertex form investigation.  This has to be completed for tomorrow.  

March  7:  Unit 5 Lesson 2 :  Analyzing quadratic functions Part 1.  Lesson 2.  Complete question 1 3, 4, 5, 6.  Unit 5 Lesson 3.  Questions 1-3,  6.  Lesson 3 part 1   video lesson part 1 , video lesson part 2

March 8:   Quadratic functions and Equations lesson 4.  Questions 1, 2, 3, 4 for tomorrow. video of lesson

March 9:  Quadratic Functions Lesson 5.     Complete questions 3 (a, b, c), 4, 5 (a, e, ), on pages 328-331.     video of lesson

March 10:  Second part of Lesson 5 questions 3 (d, e, f).  Complete the three questions for Monday.

March 13:  Lesson 6: The quadratic formula .  Questions 4-6   Lesson 6 video.  The discriminant lesson 7.  Question 5 (A, C, E)  Lesson 7

March 14:   We finished Lesson 7 and students did question 6 in the workbook.  Lesson 9  Solving problems algebraically.  Complete 4 out of the 7 questions for tomorrow.   lesson 9  Video of lesson 8    Completing the Square       Max/Min problem (Revenue)

 March 15:  Problem Solving Day 2.

March 16:   Unit Assignment 

March 20:  Visit from Rick Mercer.  No class today.

March 21:  Review.

March 22:  Quadratics Quiz

March 23:  Review Day.   Complete the Practice Test on pages 363 - 368.   Omit multiple choice #s 1, 9.

March 27:  Unit Test

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